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Ep. 10: Expanding Your Creativity in Fashion Design with Rochelle Porter

When I think of inspirational people in that physical product space, my mind immediately goes to Rochelle Porter! Rochelle Porter left the corporate world to create Rochelle Porter Design, a lifestyle brand that brings bursts of joy to the everyday. Her designs are now in stores like Home Goods, west elm, and so many more places!!

Let’s be proactively present and join us as we speak about:

Rochelle’s innate calling of creativity

When she first heard the term “sustainable fashion”

How God reminded her of her creative purpose all along her life’s path

When she began noticing surface pattern designs in stores

What happened when Rochelle put out a line of throw pillows

Joining Buy From a Black Woman

The systems Rochelle uses to keep her company organized

Why she doesn’t refer to her business as her baby

Where can you find Rochelle:



So join me and get ready! This season is going to be amazing!

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