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Ep. 5 Aligned Decision-Making with Human Design – Bria Lear

Bria Lear helps entrepreneurs align with their energy as it relates to their business! Often times that looks like altering business strategies and how they are delivering their packages! She helps rising leaders elevate their success while trading stress, overwhelm, and burnout for joy, ease, and flow.

With an intimate understanding of how each individual’s energy is designed to thrive, Bria empowers her clients to make confident, aligned decisions, leverage their energetic gifts, and (finally) leave the hustle behind. Like acupuncture for your biz (sans all the needles!) Bria’s chart readings, coaching sessions, and extended mentorships are the energetic tune-ups every entrepreneur needs to sustain aligned momentum and support their next level of success.

Join us as we proactively discuss:

Your body energy interacting with your business
When people not only get the most success but the most enjoyment in their business
Blueprints on how our energy bodies interact with the world
Understanding why it is important to work in our most aligned conditioning and motivations

Where you can find Bria: IG

Here’s a free mini-guide to the Human Design “bodygraph” (chart), to dispel the total confusion “WTF is this?!” that often comes when you first calculate your HD. It’s a clear, simple breakdown of the main components of a chart:

When you download the PDF, you’re also invited to send Bria a screenshot of your chart, and she’ll tell you something special about it!

Honorable Mentions:

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