Ep. 8 Season Wrap Up Proactively Present Podcast

Ep. 8: Season 1 Wrap Up

I am absolutely thrilled with this season wrap-up! I can’t believe I could finish this passion project; it truly feels like a huge accomplishment to me. I’ve had to put off some projects to prioritize business, but having a team like Bethany’s at Crackers in Soup has really helped me with all of the technical difficulties behind a podcast.

I also want to thank my beautiful guests for sharing all of their stories and time with me. Moving into the next season, I will be focusing on my passion for retail, e-commerce, and the fashion industry, so I will be inviting CEO and founders of product-based industries onto the podcast.

I will be taking a little bit of a break after these months of healing and only saying yes to the things that make me happy!

Thank you, everyone! Looking forward to coming back to the show in October.

As a bonus: A guided meditation.

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