Episode 15: Operating a Purposeful Business with Shannen Garza Hakim, Founder of Womxn On The Moon

Today on the podcast, Womxn on the Moon founder Shannen Garza Hakim joins Kalish to discuss leading a jewelry brand that focuses on uplifting marginalized communities. She previously spent nearly 10 years working for various non-profit organizations that created college and career access for students of color. Because of her background in advocacy, she knew her business needed to do more than offer unique products, it needed to make a community impact.

WOTM has been proud to be featured in several publications since opening in 2020. As a business that started during the pandemic and a company that works to create more representation for Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ individuals, there have been several opportunities to showcase the magical story of how WOTM began.

Today, she discusses sustainability in business, prioritizing wellbeing as a founder, and the lessons she learned from her work with nonprofits and in building her jewelry brand.

Learn more about Shannen and shop her brand: https://www.womxnonthemoon.com/pages/my-story 


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