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Product Launch Planning

How to Streamline Business Operations to Drive Revenue

90 Minute Planning Session

Effective Team Management and Collaboration

Supply Chain Management Automation

Optimizing Your Customer Journey

Battling Burnout

All trainings run 45 minutes and include a 15-minute Q&A. Available in-person and virtual.

Signature Workshop

Proactively Present Holistic Operations Management

Are you ready to create a business that works in alignment with your unique gifts? In this workshop, you will learn the 7 core areas of operations management needed to run a sustainable, profitable, and scalable business. Join Kalish Nesbitt as she guides you through breathwork meditation, and vision mapping, and creates a 90-day growth plan for your business.


  • Mindfulness (guided) meditation and visioning exercise
  • 90-day goal-setting and business growth plan mapping
  • Project-Management tool set-up and audit
  • Time management resources

Desired Outcomes:

  • Good better best goals
  • Peace of mind
  • 90-day plan of action steps towards scaleable growth in their business
  • Continued business relationships and clients for project-based work

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